Actual Hangover Cures When You've Had Too Much To Drink

Published: 16th July 2009
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It is possible that "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" but after a great night of clubbing your second night in town, your hangover may just keep you from having a good time for the rest of your weekend! Is it possible to eleviate one completely? Some say yes. Keep in mind if you don't drink very often at home, don't think you can handle partying like a superstar when you get to Vegas and not pay the price.

So what is the definition of a hangover? Many people might say they recognize it when they get one! Hangovers change from person to person, and can lead to a severe headache to a full blown vomit fest and feeling of "blah". Actual hangover symptoms are headaches, redness of the eyes, increased sensitivity to light and sound, muscle aches, thirst and fatigue.
Truly, a hangover is the outcome of your body being dehydrated, and still a little withdrawal from all of the recent alcohol in your blood stream.

This isn't intended to be medical advice as you should know your own body and know your own limits. With that being said, here are some helpful suggestions for ways to aid you in the future:

- Drink a small bottle of water in between each alcoholic beverage while you're out. This works two-fold: Slows down your intake and dilutes what is already in your system.

- Test out a hangover cure. They actually work but some may not work for you - try a few out. A few I've heard of are: AH+, Chaser & Hangover Buster. Most should be taken prior to going out to maximize effectiveness.

- Take two tylenol tablets before going to sleep. But, use this cure sparingly as it can result in kidney damage when taken in heavy doses over long periods.

- Take a high strength B-vitamin supplement. The vitamin will involve a little more planning as it should be taken beforeyou go to sleep but taken immediately when you wake can also help as well. It works because B-vitamins are essential in assisting the carbohydrate (alcohol) metabolizing process and in expanding blood vessels. That should help regenerate your energy level.

- Before going to sleep or when you wake up, down a drink containing electrolytes. Electrolytes will replenish what the kidneys have excreted during drinking which will made you feel much better. Powerade and Gatorade are the most commonly known drinks, but don't forget about the drink made for children - Pedialyte. some people think it's even more effective than standard sports drinks.

- Working out will help eliminate any hangover by helping the body free itself of toxins. The enhanced circulation produces blood and oxygen to your oxygen-craved brain. It May be the most unpleasant of all remedies but you can actually sweat out your hangover.

- Make a banana milkshake with a bit of honey - It may be a little difficult to find while on the strip but worth searching for. The banana helps calm the tummy, and with the honey, builds up the insufficient blood sugar levels. The milk comforts the stomach and rehydrates your system. Also, bananas are rich in the important potassium, electrolytes and magnesium, which are seriously depleted after heavy drinking.

- Get a shot of wheatgrass. Although a thick green drink might seem totally unappealing, this curing beverage can balance all the other drinks you downed the night before. Found at your local natural foods shop, wheatgrass' chlorophyll content and detoxifying effects are a surefire cure.

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